We follow the internationally recognized Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) as comprehensive provision, for teaching, learning and assessments in the core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science from grade 0 to grade 7. The CIPP is comprised of several elements, the core of which is Cambridge Primary Curriculum Framework. This framework provides the learning goals for each stage. These curriculum frameworks are also available for parents on the Cambridge website. The CIPP incorporates a high degree of flexibility as it includes a range of teaching methods and curricula. Our teachers have the liberty to make adaptations whenever necessary, helping them to cater for individual needs. We follow a well-structured assessment system with progression tests recommended by the Cambridge International Examination to track the progress of a child and ensure that the knowledge gained matches the needs of the global system of education. The overall assessment is done through various standardized tests conducted throughout the year to measure the progress of a child, and provide a detailed structured report at the end of each term. Cambridge Primary Checkpoints are for grade 6 students. It offers feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses in the key curriculum areas of English, Mathematics and Science. These tests are provided by the Cambridge University. The tests are marked by the members of the university. They provide the school with an external international benchmark for learner performance. These tests are optional and are paid by the parents.

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