On Saturday the 30th of June 2018 BIS hosted its first ever Model United Nations, an educative program where students deliberate the proceedings of the Model United Nations General assembly. It was the first of its kind to have ever been held in the history of this country, signifying a great achievement for BIS. The occasion was graced by the presence of high profile guests such as Dr. Ivaldo Quincardete, the National Director of Internal affairs, Dr Norbeiro  the representative from the Ministry of labour and social welfare, Dr Davido Ussuale ,the Director  of  Youth Education and Technology in Matola as well as The General Director of Willow Association Mr Zafer Soyertas.                       

The conference started on a good note with student delegates battling it out in presenting their debates in both the English and Portuguese sessions.  The student delegates represented different countries which comprised of developed countries, developing countries as well as underdeveloped countries such as Mozambique, USA, Egypt, India, Germany, S. Africa, DRC and China. The topics in debate were Global Warming and Climatic change in the English session and Child Labour in the Portuguese session. The main objective of the conference was to encourage students to develop speaking confidence and fluency a well as to be critical thinkers who will one day be able to change the world through great ideas and initiatives. The ability to stand up and address an audience is an important skill that BIS will continue and strive to nurture in its students through programs like MUN and many more to come.

On the same day after the MUN there was also a colorful cultural event with the theme “Colors of Mozambique”. The students represented the eleven provinces of the country. On display were several cultural foods, tools and artifacts from the different provinces. Students also showcased their talents and emotions in the traditional dances of their respective provinces to the excitement of the crowd which mainly consisted of supportive BIS parents.

At the end of the event the honorable guests, parents, students and Teachers were all happy and satisfied with the outcomes of the day.