The Discipline committee on the 26th of February 2018 held a prefect’s workshop which was attended by all twelve prefects, the head boy, head girl as well as the vice head boy and vice head girl. During this workshop the prefects were enlightened on why they were chosen and allocated such an important role. The prefects were also told that as prefects they now have to lead by example and be good role models to other students. They were informed of their expectations as prefects and the importance and duties of being a prefect. The prefects  are to help the school maintain its high standards, respect each other, help each other do the correct things, motivate other students to become like them, and to strive to be an asset to the school. The workshop ended on a good note with the prefects being given parker pens and diaries as well as  being treated with nice, hot and tasty pizza from Mimos. BIS looks forward to having an achievable year of change with the help of its new student board.


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