On the 10th of February 2018 BIS held its first parental seminar with the title theme: "Parent's role in the academic success of students".

The seminar was opened by the director, Mr Ahmet, who gave an opening speech welcoming all participants. The speaker, teacher Nourin then took over from the Director and engaged the audience with thought provoking discussions and fun filled activities.

The important points covered by the speaker in the seminar were:

  • Children pass through different hands so consistency is important in the education of children.
  • Teachers and parents should maintain the same rules and regulations at home and at school.
  • Parents should help their children to develop routines.
  • Parents should encourage their children to love to read.
  • Reading to children from an early age helps instill in them the love for reading.
  • Parents should create a conducive  study environment at home.
  • Parents should not allow children to watch T.V and do homework at the same time.
  • Talking to children about school work helps to academically encourage the child. 
  • An open communication channel should be maintained between parents andteachers.

Parents showed great interest and satisfaction throughout the seminar. They congratulated the school on this new initiative. They also showed great willingness to participate in the future seminars.

Last but not least parents were awarded with participation certificate.

We look forward to seeing more parents attending our next seminar which will be held in term2.




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